Monthly Archives: January 2011

29 01, 2011

Beach Cleanup Bluff Beach


We joined our good friends Christian, Jess, and some caring locals for a beach cleanup a few weeks back and left Bluff Beach in much better shape.

29 01, 2011

Bottle Service


Even the locals of Panama have adapted to the wave of awesomeness witnessed throughout America's bars and clubs with their own twist on bottle service.  

29 01, 2011

Nuance 2 of 5 RAIN/MUD


The Nuances of Living in the Jungle 2 of 5 Rain and Mud The jungle and its vast forest of trees, plants, and flowers exist because of a few key factors one being RAIN.  Without constant rain a rainforest would be nothing more than a forest.  A by-product of rain of course is mud, which [...]

10 01, 2011

Nuance 1 of 5 INSECTS


The Nuances of living in Panama 1 of 5: Insects Never believe that living in tropical paradise is complete heaven.  For as many great advantages it has, there can be at times just as many disadvantages (especially in an island community in Panama like Bocas).  Below is a look into the hassle of deaing with [...]

7 01, 2011

Good Souls


It is not often that you come across a good soul, let alone two. When this does happen it stops you in your tracks to absorb the energy and graciousness of those who touch your lives for that moment or time. It took us no more than a couple shared sentences to know Henry and [...]

3 01, 2011

Planes, Boats & Automobiles to Bocas del Toro


We took the scenic/"long way back" to Bocas which included a 2 hour drive to Ft. Lauderdale, 4 hour flight to Panama City, Cab ride to Panama-Albrook(actually ride to a near by convenient store where we crashed for 3 hours), one hour 20 passenger flight to David(this flight was nicer than Spirit's flight, they served [...]

1 01, 2011

Ano Nuevo en Panama


Jaime and I got our salsa on in Panama this new years and here are a few pics from New Years Eve and Day. Feliz Ano Nuevo, NJ

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