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Candy Canes and Tooth Brushes

The past week at Monso Chi Escuelita ended in fine fashion with the introduction of candy canes and tooth brushes/paste.  We handed out the dulces then gave the children full detailed instructions on how and why brushing their teeth was important.  I would say based on their performance they enjoyed brushing their teeth just as much as eating candy canes.  Thanks to La Loma and Andy for supplying the goods.


First Baseball Practice

With a donation from past volunteers of La Loma that included 20 plus gloves, 4 bats, 2 helmets, and loads of baseballs there was no better solution than to bring a baseball team to Bahia Honda.  Last week we did just this with our first official practice.  Here are some pictures of the practice and we will continue to improve our skills in hopes of joining Bocas del Toro’s little league.