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After-School Program

School is back in session and we are excited to turn our summer camp into an after-school program for the Bahia Honda community.  Kids 1st-6th grade are now enjoying their afternoons expanding their minds with activities, english, math, sports, and arts/crafts.  Our summer camp was a great program for transitioning and introducing this program to the community.  Our volunteers have enjoyed their first after-school days with number games, arts/crafts, math games, english lessons, bingo, and more.  Enjoy the pictures and look for more during the school year.


Another Day at the Beach

Our first visit to the beach went so well that we brought the little ones to the ocean once again and they had a ball.  We enjoyed a day in the sun playing games, building sand castles, swimming, splashing around, and even boogy boarding!  Give them some time and we will have them surfing.