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25 03, 2012

After-School Program


School is back in session and we are excited to turn our summer camp into an after-school program for the Bahia Honda community.  Kids 1st-6th grade are now enjoying their afternoons expanding their minds with activities, english, math, sports, and arts/crafts.  Our summer camp was a great program for transitioning and introducing this program to [...]

5 03, 2012

Another Day at the Beach


Our first visit to the beach went so well that we brought the little ones to the ocean once again and they had a ball.  We enjoyed a day in the sun playing games, building sand castles, swimming, splashing around, and even boogy boarding!  Give them some time and we will have them surfing.

6 02, 2012

Kids take to the water


We have started swim lessons for kids 6-12 here in Bahia Honda.  Believe it or not many children and adults never learn how to swim and we are hoping to make change that while having some fun!  The indigenous children of Bahia Honda start paddling to school by themselves in dugout canoes at the age [...]

6 02, 2012

Distance Learning Partnership with Give & Surf


Through a good friend of Give & Surf we have linked up with Audrey Ferraro, an 8th grade English Honor's teacher in the good ole state of New Jersey. We will be providing our summer camp students and preschoolers with a new platform to interact with foreigners through various mediums and hope to have both [...]

2 01, 2012

Floating Doctors Help out in Bahia Honda


A few weeks back the community of Bahia Honda had a fortunate visitor by the Floating Doctors.  A weekend clinic was help for the community and here are some pics of the work done by the doctors and volunteers.  Big thanks for visiting Bahia Honda.

19 12, 2011

Candy Canes and Tooth Brushes


The past week at Monso Chi Escuelita ended in fine fashion with the introduction of candy canes and tooth brushes/paste.  We handed out the dulces then gave the children full detailed instructions on how and why brushing their teeth was important.  I would say based on their performance they enjoyed brushing their teeth just as [...]

2 12, 2011

First Baseball Practice


With a donation from past volunteers of La Loma that included 20 plus gloves, 4 bats, 2 helmets, and loads of baseballs there was no better solution than to bring a baseball team to Bahia Honda.  Last week we did just this with our first official practice.  Here are some pictures of the practice and [...]

28 11, 2011

Escuelita To The Beach


We loaded the kids on the boat and took them to the beach this past week.  For many this was the first time they have ever been to the beach and it was a sight to behold.  We said goodbye to Andrea who has helped with the preschool for the last few months.  The kids, [...]

21 11, 2011

Monso Chi Escuelita Newest Pics


After some deliberation La Loma and Give and Surf have gone with the name Monso Chi Escuelita or Little Kids School in Ngabare/Spanish for our preschool.  Monso Chi means Little Kids in the native language of the Ngabare Bugle language and Escuelita is spanish for preschool.

15 11, 2011

Learn about the Ngobe


Surprisingly enough wikipedia did a fine job summarizing the lifestyle of the Bahia Honda community we volunteer in.  Do yourself a favor before coming to join us and give yourself a course on the indigenous people of Panamaöbe-Buglé_Comarca

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