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Pursuing a career in international affairs, Latin American studies, non-profit management, or education?

Design an internship that meets your needs and helps you achieve your educational, personal & professional goals!  Our internships provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain hands-on experience, either on-site in Bocas del Toro or by working remotely, while pursuing your professional goals and giving back to a community in need.  As a small non-profit organization, we rely on volunteers and interns to help us lead our classes, design and implement new programs, and operate as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to have the greatest impact possible in the communities we serve.  To discuss internship opportunities, please email Emily Talentino, Director of Development, at

If you work for a college or university and are interested in partnering with Give & Surf, please email us as at to discuss this opportunity.  Our internship program has worked with Princeton University, University of California at San Diego, University of San Diego, Georgetown University, and Salisbury University, Cal State Long Beach, St Michael’s University,  University of Arkansas, Ryder University, Clemson University, University of St. Andrews (Scotland), Santa Clara University, University of Georgia, University of North Texas, UPENN, and University of Minnesota.

2017-2018 Internships

Specific areas of focus for our on-site internships include:  international affairs/relations, Latin American studies, non-profit management, teaching/education, Spanish language & culture, and community development.  For our remote internships:  marketing, grant writing, fundraising, and non-profit management.  All internships are unpaid.  Time commitment varies based on the student’s availability, university requirements, and internship selected; typical past internships have ranged from 3 to 6 months for 10-30 hours per week.  Limited internships are available each semester, so please apply early;
applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


2017-2018 INTERNSHIPS (pdf)

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