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804, 2013

Dunbarton High School Leaves Their Mark

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Last month we were fortunate enough to have the help of a high school group from Dunbarton High School located in Pickering, Ontario; a suburb of Toronto. They spent ten action packed days with us volunteering and enjoying jungle life on Bastimentos Island.  With their help we were able to complete the following: two bathroom/septic tanks for the community, finished the community garden, finished 104 stairs to the playground, cleaned up and prepped the library, collected over 25 bags of trash around the bay, converted preschool walls to all wood, painted preschool walls, and added a mural to our bookshelves.  In addition to all their hard work they had great times doing catamaran tour, zip lining, trip to Smithsonian, cave tour, and enjoying the beach. We would like to thank all of you for working so hard during your time here as well as fundraising at home.  Of course none of this would be possible without the teachers as well.  You are a special group of teachers to have the stamina to keep up with the kids and survive the jungle! Pre-mud group shot Septic Tank Project Library in all its glory Finishing Touches Bathroom/Septic Tank Construction

1303, 2013

Michigan State Students Join Give & Surf for Spring Break


Last week, Give & Surf had the pleasure of hosting a group of eleven students from Michigan State who opted to volunteer in Panama for their collegiate spring break. Even though Bocas del Toro greeted them with a few rain showers, they worked with smiles on their faces, rain or shine! In just five days, our Michigan State volunteers were able to build a community garden and 102 step stairway, construct furniture for the library, paint a mural in the preschool room, and a few other projects. We could not have asked for a harder working group of students. We were amazed to see what a big difference a group of college students could make. A huge thanks goes out to the guys and gals of Michigan State for your tireless work and contributions to the Bahia Honda community!   The Michigan State group posing for a photo on our school's dock. A few volunteers hard at work digging steps for the stairway up to the garden. The guys building new furniture for the library.  

2802, 2013

Give & Surf Raises Over $1,000 to Benefit Bahia Roja Community


On Saturday, February 13 Give & Surf hosted a fundraiser with our friends at the Palmar Tent Lodge to raise money to rebuild the Bahia Roja cafeteria and kitchen. Not only did we have clear skies and a great turnout, we exceeded our goal and raised over $1,000! The fundraiser was a blast and our guests were able to enjoy a full day of festivities such as live music, soccer tournament, slip n' slide, raffle, earth oven pizzas, drink specials, a live coconut oil demonstration, and more. We cannot give enough thanks to all the businesses that donated prizes to our raffle drawing, the volunteers from Palmar Tent Lodge and Give & Surf, and those that donated the funds to get the cafeteria complete!

1902, 2013

One Year Later: Give and Surf Welcomes the Return of a Past Volunteer


Only one year ago June You, a Ph. D student from Seoul, South Korea found herself in Bocas del Toro volunteering with Give and Surf for the first time. Today we’re sitting down with June to find out more about her experiences with our program and of course, why she wanted to return. Q: How did you initially find out about Give and Surf? A: Through my friend’s Facebook page. He liked “Give and Surf.” Q: Tell us about your first trip here. A: It was in February of 2012. I had planned to stay here for two weeks but extended my stay for one week longer. Basically I assisted Neil with teaching. And of course, played with the children and had a wonderful time with them. During our free time I went surfing, snorkeling, and enjoyed a cave tour. Q: What did you like best about volunteering with Give and Surf? A: My favorite memory from Give and Surf was playing with the kids. Every moment with them was so special to me. If I had to say one thing, I would say the day we brought them to the beach because we had so much fun that day. Q: How do you feel about being the first volunteer to return to Bocas for a second volunteer experience? A: Hahaha! Is there any recognition or a prize for this? (Just kidding!) I’m sure that there will be more volunteers returning like I did. I hope so! Q: What changes [...]

1302, 2013

Give and Surf Takes a Field Trip to La Loma Jungle Lodge and Chocolate Farm

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When Give and Surf started holding summer school classes for the children of Bahia Honda, our goals were to provide them with engaging activities and new experiences to further develop their understanding the world. And most importantly, we aimed for summer school to be fun! Yesterday one of our summer school classes had the opportunity to take a field trip and tour the La Loma Jungle Lodge and Chocolate Farm. The adventurous day was filled with a question and answer session about La Loma and how chocolate is made, a tour of the cacao plantation and gardens, and taste testing the chocolate! All aboard for La Loma! Question and answer session with Kelly. The Give and Surf kids and volunteers listening to a presentation by La Loma workers. The La Loma Chocolate Farm tour begins. Delicious homemade chocolate cookies for our hungry taste testers.   Thank you to the knowledgeable staff of La Loma for such an educational afternoon and  delicious treats to eat!

1812, 2012

Rock N Roll Fundraiser!

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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato In Bocas del Toro, Panama we will be sharing music with the children of Bahia Honda and setting flight to future rock and rollers and lovers of all things music. With your support instruments and equipment will be purchased and without delay horns tooted, guitars strummed, and drums beaten...lets not leave out singing. We will be adding this program very soon and will be turning our kids into full fledged musicians. Please help us by sharing and contributing to this future program of ours!  Thank you all for your support and we look forward to sharing pictures and videos of our kids rocking out. Donate to Rock and Roll in Bahia Honda at Razoo [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Join us in volunteering and leave your mark on Bocas del Toro!

LINK:  #giveandsurf #panama #bocasdeltoro #giveback  #nonprofit #nonprofitlife #nonprofitorganization #volunteerlife #volunteer #volunteerabroad #explore #surf #surfing #travel #grateful #givethanks #gratitudeSOMP: Surf Outreach Mentorship Program has a whole new batch of students that are all surfing for the first time! 
A platform in which local surf mentors cultivate a wonderful learning environment for our students to discover the big 🌊! These same surfers will be receiving their first surfboards in a few weeks thanks to @yehudabenhamo and company who donated to the surfboard drive in San Diego! 
#giveandsurfEverything tastes better from scratch 👨‍🍳. We're cooking up some great things this year!  #giveandsurf #panama #bocasdeltoro #giveback  #nonprofit #nonprofitlife #nonprofitorganization #volunteerlife #volunteer #volunteerabroad #explore #surf #surfing #travel #grateful #givethanks #gratitudeWelcome to the Wonderful World of Bocas! There are cuddles all around 🤗  #giveandsurf #panama #bocasdeltoro #giveback  #nonprofit #nonprofitlife #nonprofitorganization #volunteerlife #volunteer #volunteerabroad #preschool #kindergarten #escuelita #explore #surf #surfing #travel #grateful #givethanks #gratitudeOmar is so full of excitement 🤸‍♂can you match his energy? #TinyToroThursday🐂  #giveandsurf #panama #bocasdeltoro #giveback  #nonprofit #nonprofitlife #nonprofitorganization #volunteerlife #volunteer #volunteerabroad #explore #surf #surfing #travel #grateful #givethanks #gratitudeFound a Red Frog aka Strawberry Poison Dart Frog. This variation of the dart frog is found only on Bastimentos island in Bocas del Toro and is the most toxic. They usually hide under leaves and undergrowth in the tropical rain forest and stay to themselves. We love seeing these guys and treating them with respect! 
#BeautifulBocas #giveandsurf #panama #bocasdeltoro #giveback  #nonprofit #nonprofitlife #nonprofitorganization #volunteerlife #volunteer #volunteerabroad #ribbit #respectnature #explore #surf #surfing #travel #grateful #givethanks #gratitudePour Some Spicy Böys on your rice and beans! 🌶#giveandsurfPreschool Project Update:
Thanks to our first group of volunteers from @surfforlifeteam and @salesforce we have made great progress on the new preschool classroom in Bocas. The first bricks have been laid and we are excited for our second of three groups to start work this week! We will keep you updated!
#giveandsurf #surfforlife #panama #bocasdeltoro #nonprofit #volunteer #travel #explore #volunteerabroad #giveback #island #surfing #gopro #adventure👩‍🚒 stop drop and scroll to: #giveandsurfSaturday’s Back-to-School event recap! The spirited Bocas community showed up in unprecedented fashion as we raised over $10,000 towards educational programs and services in 2018! 
A special salute to each and everyone of you for showing up and a tip of the 🎩 to @barcohundidobar and @bocasbrewery for providing this amazing location! #gratitude 🎬: @zafromannDaily Life of A Volunteer:

We are excited to welcome our new volunteer, Gillian, who is from Ireland and will be with us for the next month! First day of school and she is already fitting right in. Building bonds and spending time with these kids is priceless! 
The application process is simple! Give us your name, contact info, date/desired length of your stay and your reason for volunteering  #giveandsurf #panama #bocasdeltoro #giveback  #nonprofit #nonprofitlife #nonprofitorganization #volunteerlife #volunteer #volunteerabroad #explore #surf #surfing #travel #grateful #givethanks #gratitudeThe weekly #GiveandSurfReport will keep you in the loop with our many new program updates! 
Check out Bocas del Toro's newest halfpipe heroes getting familiar with our new Skateboarding Program in Old Bank thanks to @owlcat and @welcomeskateboards!  #giveandsurf #panama #bocasdeltoro #giveback  #nonprofit #nonprofitlife #nonprofitorganization #volunteerlife #volunteer #volunteerabroad #explore #skatekids #skateboarding #newexperiences #surf #surfing #travel #grateful #givethanks #gratitude

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