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Our family of past volunteers and supporters provides sponsorship to students from many of our education programs. If interested in supporting our programs through sponsorship please visit our online donation platform or email info@giveandsurf.org. Your contributions help cover teacher’s salaries, food, transportation, program expenses, school supplies, and overhead associated with providing education to over 100 students.

Middle School Sponsorship Program

Only 18% of Ngobe children ages 15-19 are educated past a 6th grade level. In the communities of Bahia Roja and Bahia Honda, the primary reason for the high dropout rate is the lack of reliable, affordable transportation to the town of Old Bank where the colegio (grades 7-12) is located. Since 2014, Give & Surf has committed to making sure that every student has access to secondary education and provides transportation sponsorships for every student to ensure that they to and from school safely each day. Your donation of $40 per month sponsors a middle or high school student’s transportation costs, school supplies, and the opportunity to continue their studies. Special thanks to Junguen You and Wendy Hung for their continued support in sponsoring multiple students.

Sponsor a middle school student here or email info@giveandsurf.org!

Here is a tribute to some key sponsors and the students they are so graciously supporting through monthly contributions.

Junguen You


June visited Give & Surf as a volunteer when our doors first opened and has been part of our family ever since!  With the support of close friends, Minji, Dongwook, Jeongyun, Gina, and Jisun five children from Bahia Honda are sponsored to go to middle school.  Above is June with two of the sponsored students, Daesy and Ana!

Elyse Eng


Eddy’s eighteen-year old brother Alexander Gomez will finally be achieving one of his lifelong dreams of attending the Panamanian police academy thanks to the diligent fundraising of our stellar volunteer Elyse Eng in 2014. For those of you in other parts of the world, Eddy is a great friend of ours and the captain of our ship. He has been instrumental in taking charge of a number of projects in Bahia Roja and Bahia Honda. Alexander appears to be following in his steps towards a life of public service. After graduating from high school in the top 5 of his class, Alexander knew more than anything that the police academy was the next step for him. All of this was made possible through the fundraising efforts of Elyse and her network of supporters. We can’t thank you enough for making this possible!

Wendy Hung

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As founder of Jetset Times, Wendy visited Give & Surf as part of a travel piece on Panama. After spending a day in our shoes, Wendy and her family pledged to sponsor four students education for Colegio from Bahia Honda, Ernesto Abrego, Abran Gomez, Adraiana Gomez, and Veronica Gomez. We are thrilled to have the support of Jetset Times and Wendy!

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