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An option for volunteers is to experience Bocas del Toro by riding waves big or small.  We wish to share our passion of surfing with you when you come to the islands.  If surfing does not interest you many of our volunteers enjoy Bocas del Toro’s for its amazing beaches, hikes, and activities. If you are not an experienced surfer, no worries. We offer the opportunity to learn how to surf or surf world class waves when volunteering with us.  One surf lesson is provided upon request to each volunteer.  Volunteers are given the opportunity to surf during their free time and when the work schedule accommodates take trips to different surf breaks.  We have a world of knowledge and years of experience in the ocean and Panama.


So you want to give surfing a try.  It would be impossible to find a better place to learn than in the warm Caribbean waters of Panama.  We provide one surf lesson with our partners Mono Loco Surf School to every volunteer and additional lessons are available upon request.  After a few lessons you should feel comfortable taking out the equipment on your own and practicing.  We have a number of both short and long available for use. If you are interested in surfing another type of board we recommend you either bring a board, buy one, or rent one in town (usually $15/day).


If you love to surf and want to surf uncrowded perfect waves ranging from 200 yard point breaks to beach break barrels we will make sure you score when you’re here at Give and Surf.  We will escort you by boat to all the surfing gems of Bocas and be your personal surf guide(s) around the islands.  Surfing is done during our free time when the programs are not in session.  We cannot make special accommodations to have volunteers surf outside of the free time.  Typically surf sessions are in the afternoons after school.  We are located within minutes of all the best waves Bocas del Toro has to offer.


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